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Star Wars: Hidden Empire (Star Wars: Hidden Empire (2022-2023))

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With yet another test failed, the Archivist, abandoned by a terrified Farrus, decided that the best course of action would be to take the Cage to a place that would be both full of dark side energy and rich in life. She concluded that the Amaxine space station would be the best candidate, being rich in Drengir plants that could channel the dark side and would make for the perfect "nourishment" for the cage. After she arrived and set up her equipment, she activated the matrix, resulting in the cage immediately consuming most of the plants in its vicinity and beginning to open. Galactic Emperor Sidious immediately sensed it and arrived to crush her once and for all aboard the Executor along with Darth Vader. This time, however, they were met with Qi'ra's full Crimson fleet who disabled their long range turbolasers, forcing them to land to the planet themselves accompanied by royal guards and death troopers, slaughtering the Dawn fighters and making their way towards the Cage. [12] Star Wars: Hidden Empire, a five-issue miniseries starting in November, will be the third and final installment in writer Charles Soule’s unofficial Qi’ra trilogy, StarWars.com can reveal. The series, illustrated by Steven Cummings, will find Qi’ra and the Emperor on a collision course. “This is my hidden empire,” she defiantly declares in Crimson Reign #5, in a tease of what's to come. “Choke on it.” For Soule, who just saw the release of his 100 th Star Wars comic, Hidden Empire is the culmination of years of work. “This new story is designed to deliver the big finale to Qi'ra's story -- at least this phase of it,” he tells StarWars.com. “She emerged from years of hiding with an elaborate, incredible plan to bring down the Sith, and Hidden Empire is the endgame. It brings in players from all over the Star Wars universe, from Darth Vader to Doctor Aphra to the Knights of Ren, and I think it'll be really satisfying -- but tragic. As I had a character say in the very first issue of Crimson Reign, Qi'ra's story is a tragedy. But… in a good way.”

Some of the greatest excitement came in the next reveal. For a while, we have all been wondering who the cloaked individuals are talking with the Archivist and hearing Qi’ra’s story. We finally learn it’s none other Than Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his sister Jedi Leia Organa.

One of the scout teams was sent to the Chorlian sector, attempting to discover if there was another unfound system in the sector. They discovered one that was composed of a single star and nine planets. They have begun to call it the Helioset star system. There is only one inhabited planet, composed of a human population. Their technology is primitive, their society is broken in clans, and the local population seems to be involved in some sort of continental scale war." STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA OMNIBUS VOL. 2 HC on Penguin Random House Comics (archived from the original) Inquisitor Jorel reported that the Dark Side of the Force holds a strong influence within the nebula, and that the largest concentration of Force energy is on Earth itself. But she mentioned that the level of the influence was not normal. As if it had grown due to an outside force." The issue starts similar to how Star Wars Crimson Reign started with Madelin Sun aka The Archivist telling Qi’ra’s story via hologram. I assume she ends up dying and this was her recording the events for the history archives before the end so that the story would live on. Similar to a Jedi or Sith recording events and teaching in a holocron before becoming one with the force. Much like Part 1: The War of the Bounty Hunters and Part 2: Crimson Reign, Star Wars Hidden Empire will be crossover story that will have the main story tied into issues from Darth Vader, Bounty Hunters, Doctor Aphra, and the main Star Wars run (also written by Charles Soule).

Sadly, we know that’s true, and this issue begins to show certain choices Qi’ra makes that could lead to her downfall. Her goal remains the same despite it all: Empire or no Empire, the Sith must be eradicated if the galaxy can survive. However it’s the dread of what’s inevitable that carries this issue. Elsewhere in a throne room though, Emperor Palpatine sits privy to Qi’ra’s schemes and sets his own plans in motion to quell her shadow rebellion. He meets with the heads of the crime syndicates, including the first canon appearance of the one and only Prince Xizor, and puts a swift end to the in-fighting by revealing its source, Crimson Dawn and Qi’ra. Darth Vader and elite forces — like the one and only Inferno Squad — are also put into action. This time, the Star Wars Universe into chaos by revisiting a classic subject of science-fiction: the rogue A.I. in Star Wars: Dark Droids! Throughout the trilogy, I’ve had my fair share of concerns over the end game with Qi’ra. From the moment I first watched Solo: A Star Wars Story, she’s been one of my favorite characters. She has had an epic journey from a scrum rat on the streets of Corellia to the leader of a Hidden Empire against Emperor Palpatine. The concern was she would end up as a fatality and footnote in the already well-fleshed-out stories of main male antagonists like Vader and Palpatine. Yes, I have held faith in the great Charles Soule, who rightly deserves the benefit of the doubt, but the worried little voice in my head would not go away. So as you can imagine, I tore into this final issue of Hidden Empire with some ferocious rigor, and I am excited to dive into it!

The comics scribe discusses the climax of his Qi'ra trilogy, coming this November.

Her survival means that she can appear in future stories that take place after this point in the timeline, from future comics, to maybe even having Emilia Clarke reprising her role as Qi’ra from Soloin a new live-action story. Now that Luke and Leia know of all the sacrifices Qi’ra made and the role she played in bringing down the Sith and the Empire, they may want to work with her if they learn of her survival. CHAOS REIGNS! The epic conclusion to the trilogy begun with WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS and CRIMSON REIGN! All of the various threads and characters from these comics–Qi’ra, the Archivist, the hooded figures listening to the story, Palaptine and Vader, the Fermata Cage, the Knights of Ren, Cadeliah, etc.–all come together in cohesive and rewarding fashion. Iden Versio and Inferno Squad!! If you don’t know who they are be sure to open this post in a new tab and read it next. But Iden Versio, Gideon Hask, and Del Meeko are some of the main characters in Star Wars Battlefront II (and prime candidates to show up in a Mandalorian Era show in my opinion) that are very popular characters. You'd think she'd be pretty pleased that the Empire had finally fallen, but perhaps it only brought into focus the number of people she lost along the way – and how different it all could have been if her original plan had worked.

STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS VOL. 5 - THE RAID ON THE VERMILLION on Penguin Random House Comics (archived from the original) After a chilling duel, Vader uses the Force in a way that separated the Spark Eternal from Aphra’s body. The two’s conversation takes on a much different tune as she enters survival mode. She ultimately goads Vader into going off after his Master, but it was a massive amount of fun to see her brief cameo in this final arc. Meanwhile, the hooded figures who have been listening to the Archivist’s recording of this story in Crimson Reign and Hidden Empire are revealed to be Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. In the thousands of years that the Sith had expanded their empire under the nose of the Republic, why was it only now that they had discovered that planet. He knew that the Force sometimes worked in ways that not even the wisest Force-user could understand, but still…

Yes my Lord." Oscopos removed a small holoprojector from her robes, and the Emperor summoned it with the force. As he activated the device, he nearly dropped it on the ground when he saw the planet that they had discovered. Overall, Hidden Empire #5 is a deeply satisfying conclusion to Qi’ra’s story about her war against the Sith. Hopefully her survival means that more Qi’ra stories in this era and beyond are on their way. While the two are making their way toward the Fermata Cage, the Archivist tries to make her way out. She has fulfilled her duty and is now trying to find the best option to escape. Of course, the last place anyone wants to be is between two Sith lords and a powerful dark side object. After WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS came CRIMSON REIGN… now in the midst of HIDDEN EMPIRE, Qi’ra has shaken the galactic landscape to its core!

Then in Avengers: Endgame to deal with a rambunctious Hulk, by bringing the Bruce Banner out of him for a better one-on-one chart about multiverses and time travel. One of the weapons that Maul came across in his travels was an ancient Sith Artifact called the Fermata Cage. The issue was that to activate this artifact one needed a powerful Dark Side user. Which Qi’ra and the Archivist did not have. They only had the Knights of Ren and Ko Phon Farrus using The Ascendant technology.The Qi’ra trilogy is over but the Star Wars Canon Universe continues to expand! Soon, a new crossover will tie again into the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra series, Star Wars: Darth Vader series, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters series, and the main Star Wars run… February 2023 Marvel Comics solicitations: New X-Men series and Dark Web ends on AIPT (archived from the original on October 14, 2022)

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